Professional identity trademark

You have the license, the knowledge, and the determination, what could be missing? Something isn’t quite right. Have some key interaction steps been skipped, become sloppy, or taken for granted? The opportunities are just not coming to fruition. Perhaps your arsenal of business tools isn’t complete!

If a mishap or awkward moment occurs, the way a real estate expert handles the situation plays a key role in the impression they make.  Personal charm and wit combined with professionalism sell confidence and gain loyalty. When obstacles arise, and they will, handling each with the utmost professionalism instills immediate confidence in the buyer. It may be the perfect time to step back, reassess your image, adjust your approach, and regroup.

Looking in the Mirror? What Do Others See?
Is what clients see, what they get?

Potential clients make decisions based on what they think they see. You are the only person in control of this perception, and it is an important part of your professional identity. It’s your trademark! When your image and your overall approach inspire trust, you are perceived as confident and self-assured.  And, what begins as an impression oftentimes turns into “opinionated facts.” This powerful component of perception conveys your confidence and competence. It begins with the visual impact that your appearance and body language send. It is also supported by your verbal communication. For example, it is a fact that people will judge your advice by how serious you are in your presentation. They are looking for reassurance that you are offering them the best advice, have their best interests at heart, and are sensitive to their needs.

One must balance the other to make you believable!

Visual communication shows
Verbal communication tells.

Start by assessing your appearance!  One of the most powerful tools you have, and the one that is taken the most for granted, is your appearance. From your hairstyle and attire to your shoes, your overall appearance dictates how your body will walk, sit, and stand. What you decide to wear should make you feel and look authoritative, confident, and comfortable. Certainly, your age, culture, and region play an important role as well. Plus, what you wear says a great deal about who you are and how you want to be treated. Your clothing expresses your individuality, your values, and your aspirations. Dressing professionally will send a more confident, credible, and authoritative message. Dressing too casually or too sexy will send a mixed message and could sabotage your efforts.

Consider how you carry yourself when you are having a bad hair day. Are you hiding under a hat? What if your clothing just does not fit correctly or is too tight? Are you constantly tugging and pulling? If you discover a stain or feel too wrinkled, do you want to hide it? And do you find yourself constantly making excuses for yourself? This is counterproductive as it distracts from your professionalism, creates a distraction, and detours your focus. In other words, you do not have one’s undivided attention.

Opt for a style of dress that best represents your real estate brand, and reputation, and keeps the focus on your expertise.

This article appeared in Las Vegas AGENT magazine. (pages 22-23)


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