Are we depending too much on technology to communicate or as  a means  for transmitting messages? Communicating is all about speed; the faster we can transmit or receive a message, the faster we want to go. But there are hiccups. There is the spam box, for example. Sometimes good messages land in the wrong file, and we don’t know about it until someone texts again or calls. So we have to watch every possible mailbox option. If you belong to multiple organizations that have chat groups, like many of us do, the sheer amount of email can be overwhelming. Losing messages becomes hugely disruptive.

Furthermore, it’s easy to overlook an email in your smartphone when you are also paying attention to your text messaging and social media instant messaging. This means that you have to create a sequence and check every form of messaging. It’s time consuming and mindboggling!

How do you alleviate your cyberland traffic jam? Just some thoughts for you to ponder and share.

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