Knowingly or unknowingly, some people cross an unethical line by justifying the action at the time.  But justification does not make it right. They unmistakenly justify by stating: “Everybody does it so why shouldn’t I?”

Some question whether getting away with it is becoming the accepted standard of conduct. Or, is it due to a lack of social skills, a lack of loyalty, or a don’t get caught attitude? When lines get crossed, the consequences are damaging for everyone! Do not make it easy for people to steal, abuse the system, or abuse you.

When someone behaves unethically, it reflects on the individual, the industry, and public perception. Therefore, it is important that we, as individuals, provide guidelines and model correct behavior.  Consider the following


Six-point Test for Deciding RIGHT from WRONG
by Dr. Harry Emerson Fosdick


  1. Does the course of action you plan to follow seem logical and reasonable? Never mind what anyone else has to say. Does it make sense to you? If it does, it is probably right.
  2. Does it pass the test of sportsmanship? In other words, if everyone followed this same course of action, would the results be beneficial for all?
  3. Where will your plan of action lead? How will it affect others? What will it do to you?
  4. Will you think well of yourself when you look at what you have done?
  5. Try to separate yourself from the problem. Pretend, for one moment, it is the problem of the person you most admire. Ask yourself how that person would handle it.
  6. Hold up the final decision to the glaring light of publicity. Would you want your family and friends to know what you have done? The decisions we make in the hope that no one will find out are usually wrong.

It only takes one negative incident to ruin the good reputation that you have spent years building. You always have choices.  If you have gotten caught up in a debatable situation or observed unethical behavior, take the most appropriate steps to make things right.  It is an honorable thing to do.

Just some thoughts for you to ponder and share.

Honorable Leaders


Do What is Right


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