Why graphicMy childhood was all about the “why” word. Perhaps that is why in my seminar presentations and written works I tend to constantly “explain” things and not just give direct answers. I want to know (and I want you to know) why the answer is the answer or why the rule of behavior is the rule! I hope this makes sense.

5 roadtripAs a child, I drove my parents crazy when we went on vacation road trips from Illinois to Florida. Why is it taking so long? Why do the trees at Grandma’s house have moss hanging from them? Why is ocean beach sand white instead of beige? Seeking the answers was—and still is—an important part of my learning style. The business world, especially the world of technology, is filled with whys. We are forever learning why.

Have you ever wondered:

Why do men wear a tie or women wear earrings?
Why do we know things that we did not learn?
Why do you do what you do?

As a child, you probably asked “why” a lot too. As an adult, are you still asking why? Or have you lost the urge and are now simply making statements? Yes, I will be sharing the answers to questions such as these in upcoming postings. So what are your whys? Post your questions and visit often to see the dialogue. Perhaps this posting will generate some answers for you.


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