“The information you shared with our students on business etiquette and international protocol was right on time! The information was insightful, and your enthusiastic delivery was appreciated. You are extremely professional and very knowledgeable in your craft! Many of the career center staff (including myself) have used some of your tips when we present etiquette workshops to student groups on campus! You definitely made an impact on our students and provided skills that we will be able to apply tour everyday life.”

A sampling of student responses:

• “I feel as if I am better prepared to take on an interview meal. The event was amazing and everyone needs to experience a lesson like the one that was given!”
• “The etiquette dinner was excellent and far beyond my expectations.”
• “One of the best things I have done in college. Very well put together.”
• “First class!!!”
• “Ms. Petersen is very knowledgeable about etiquette. Her presentation was interactive and informative.”
• “I am really glad that I attended this event, since it showed me the importance of making the right impression in situations where anxiety might get in my way. Thank you for the opportunity to learn.”

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