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Northeastern Illinois University
“Annual Etiquette Seminar”

Gloria’s etiquette seminars are all about the experience. She begins by selecting a table leader for each table to aid in the teaching. Next, she offers an activity with each course, which can range from the proper usage of utensils and how to handle a challenging food selection (e.g., tricky salad or onion soup) to a conversation exercise that is summarized and shared by the table leader. The table conversation exercise concludes with interview tips shared by faulty members. Finally, it’s time to celebrate with a toast; everyone learns proper toasting protocol. She might even teach women wearing lipstick how to drink wine without making a lipstick imprint on the glass. Then it’s onto learning effective networking skills in preparation for job fairs and beyond. No matter what, her seminars are engaging!

Gloria takes an experience the learning approach. She uses interactive activities and group involvement, thereby assuring that her participants experience the tools and confidence they need to be their professional best. Plus, this gives her participants an opportunity to expand their social network by interacting with individuals, through the exercises, they had not previously met. She is always available following her programs to answer any one-on-one questions.

What does this mean for you?

You can be sure that Gloria’s programs are not only entertaining, but they are also relevant and topical. She has the gift of speaking to many while making each person feel as though they are the only one sitting in the audience.

Her enthusiasm is infectious, and people leave her training sessions inspired to create new opportunities for success and happiness for their respective classes or sessions. She can turn a training seminar into an experience of desire, hope, and possibility.

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As a Seminar/Workshop Leader,
What Gloria Will Do for You

  • Utilize assessments prior to the seminar to determine needs and desired outcome. Debrief two weeks following the seminar to be sure objectives were met
  • Provide partial or full-day programs or create a seminar series
  • Design interactive activities
  • Customize workbooks or engage her book series
  • Offer her books as a gift in a drawing

If Image is Your Concern,
What Gloria Will Do for You

  • Demonstrate how to use one’s personal presence (appearance and body language) as the first step in selling visual credibility. It’s all about perception!
  • Guide individuals on how to present a charismatic persona and inspire others along the way.
  • Engage outside experts as needed. This process can take you from hair and grooming tips to color, fit, and posture guidelines.

Whether you are in need of an excellent speaker, coach, or trainer, or you are seeking a credible and informative professional to provide an interview, Gloria will leave a motivating impression.

Planning a convention, retreat, or in-house training?

If yes, Gloria will work with you to promote and deliver a content-driven program that is fun and interactive. The offerings on the following menu are her most popular and give you an idea of what can be accomplished.

Achieve and Project Professional Excellence

Business cannot function without rules of acceptable conduct, but times – and the rules – keep changing. Thus, it can be a challenge just to keep up with the times and meet a wide range of expectations both domestically and globally.

  • Important Things You Should Know When Interacting with a broad range of people.
  • The Greetings, Introductions, and Handshakes that Create Powerful First and Lasting Impressions.
  • How to Overcome Conversation Dilemmas by Becoming the Conversation Starter.
Meet, Network, and Entertain Like a Pro

Master the social side of doing business by experiencing all the elements necessary to network effectively and to orchestrate a successful meal meeting. A business meal is a part meal and part opportunity that requires decorum savvy.

  • Get beyond Networking Barriers by Improving Your Mingle-Ability.
  • Transition from a Simple Coffee Meeting to Elaborate Formal Meal Event with Ease.
  • Lay the Foundation for a Memorable Event by Mastering Logistics and Understanding the Roles of a Planner, Participator, and Spectator.
Make Your Challenges Work for You, NOT Against You!

Stay focused on the outcome that YOU want. Don’t let challenges keep you down. Instead, focus on emerging stronger and more successful than before. As a three-time near-death survivor, Gloria continues to walk her talk and inspires you to do the same!

  • Discover How to Unlock Your Unique Power … Your Grit!
  • When You Hit a Worry Roadblock, Reroute!
  • Engage Resiliency: Strengthen it, Live it, and Share it

Whatever Your Need,
Gloria is Your Resource

Need ideas for your next new hire orientation, conference breakout session or interview preparation seminar?

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