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Why Should Gloria Be Your Next
Inspirational Speaker, Seminar Leader, or Trainer?

Because People Are Inspired by Her
Insights, Expertise, and Journey!

Gloria connects with her audience and inspires a powerful mental, spiritual, and physical desire for positive change. She creates speeches and programs that engage humor, utilize audience participation, and deliver inspiration. Her own determination to overcome life’s obstacles has given her purpose. It has inspired her to focus on what others can do in their own lives to make the changes necessary to live a better quality of life, in whatever form is meaningful to them.

Audiences are energized by Gloria’s down-to-earth style because she inspires them to take control of their personal life and career. By doing so they become role models for others. Her customized programs have a proven track record for teaching individuals how to develop the social intelligence necessary to inspire, lead, and succeed. These are the ultimate business skills for building long-lasting relationships with co-workers, management, and customers.

Gloria’s presentations and training programs range from upgrading your image and interaction with others to how to make challenges work for you, not against you. Gloria will customize these motivating ideas based on your theme or event. Your attendees will laugh and, perhaps, alter their perception of who they are and what they can do in life for themselves and their company.

Meeting Gloria will no doubt
inspire you as well

Public Speaker Gloria Petersen

Whether Gloria is teaching you how to dine with class, handle a handshake, cocktail, and hors d’oeuvres in one smooth move or offering strategies for a dynamic conversation, she is engaged and so are her participants.

Gloria will work directly with your company meeting/event planners or corporate trainers to accomplish your objectives.


How Gloria Will Partner with Meeting Professionals or Bureaus

Your client is your client. Gloria will meet virtually or in person with you to determine the best date, time, and approach for a successful program or event.
Leads or further work opportunities that result from the relationship will be turned over to the meeting professional or bureau for follow-up. Gloria will keep you informed at every step. You will be sent a copy of any handout prior to the program for approval so you can be assured that you are appropriately recognized as the key contact and the content is as promised.
Every contact that is made and every question asked regarding future or follow-up work will be shared with you. You will be notified immediately upon Gloria’s arrival and at her departure so that you can rest assured that she arrived and delivered the program as contracted. If you have an emergency resulting in another speaker having to cancel, Gloria will make every effort to assist or offer a program that fills that void. If a testimonial is offered, it will be posted with a link to your website (if a link is requested).

Proposal Step and
Logistic Preferences

Not sure what you want? Request a preliminary proposal (or working copy). Once your needs are identified, Gloria will submit a final proposal with seminar options and an investment menu. This final proposal, which Gloria will submit for your approval and signature, will contain in detail the topics to be covered, contact person(s), processes, preferred logistics, handouts, training options, menu suggestions (if a tutorial dining program is involved), travel expenses, timing, and terms … whatever is needed.

Gloria will present a professional image as she delivers a dynamic program. There will be no unwelcome surprises. If there is an opportunity to promote your company or your sponsor, Gloria will gladly make it happen through her newsletters and social media. You will be given reprint permission to use excerpts from the customized handout in your on-line or in-house newsletter. If a debriefing is requested, Gloria will conduct the debriefing and send you the results.

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