Do you occasionally experience that feeling of defeat or fall into a frustration trap? Whether it’s personal or business-related, it sets us back, and we lose valuable momentum.

Your knowledge and skills will not benefit you if you have a defeatist attitude. Agree? For that reason, I decided, after over 30 years of presenting seminars and training on professional presence, business etiquette, and protocol, to refocus and share my version of “self-care”.

Journaling has been my tool to get beyond setbacks so I can stay focused on the positive aspects of life. Plus, there is something to this movement called, “Mindfulness”! If our mind is setting us back, we can’t focus on pushing ahead. So, let’s gain control over how the mind works and thinks so that success can be achieved, and happiness regained.

I was a teenager, I had a small, keyed diary where I wrote my joys and my innermost secrets. I loved my diary until the day my sister found it, accessed it, and read it. I was devastated and embarrassed. I never wrote in a diary again!

Fast forward to a time when, as an adult, I was dealing with an emotionally damaging relationship situation and was recuperating from a stabbing incident. At that point, I heard of Rick Warren’s book “Purpose Filled Life”, which also had a journal workbook. I read the book and then filled out every page in the journal. It helped me to transfer all the anger, hurt, and confusion from within my head and heart to paper. Although it didn’t solve all of the problems I was dealing with, it helped me to destress by alleviating some of the lingering anger. Later, I utilized journaling to help me through a difficult family situation.

One day I came across the journals and started to re-read them. Although some people might say re-reading is a lesson within itself, I found it devastating. It caused me to stirrup and relive memories I wanted to leave buried. So, I burned them! Yes, I felt better afterward. You do what is best for you.

I experienced a new type of journal called a “Gratitude Diary” a few years ago. I liked that approach! Before I decided to publish my version of a journal, I went to Barnes & Noble’s journal and diary sections and sat on the floor as I scanned through all the pages. I just couldn’t find a journal that had the elements I was seeking because I now had my ideas on how I wanted MY journal to work. Hence, this journal was developed. Then I thought, why not share with all of you?

I broke down “Mindfulness” into seven components and assigned one to each day of the week so you can reflect on one at a time: Monday/Intention, Tuesday/Gratitude, Wednesday/Affirmations, Thursday/Visualization, Friday/Kindness, Saturday/Wisdom, and Sunday/Spirituality. Every week opens with a quote to set the tone for the week. (I am sharing January’s weekly quotes.)

To further expand on my journal idea, I thought, why not add a “Health Watch” box to each day and an end-of-the-week recap? This way we are giving ourselves both a mental and physical weekly checkup. They are both important to one’s well-being. If you are a Fitbit enthusiast, you will appreciate this added element. And yes, this new habit of walking and monitoring my steps improved my overall health. Sold on daily walks! Your health watch box records: (1) Steps Achieved (2) Distance Walked (3) Calories Burned and (4) Mindfulness Minutes (or time spent being active). Your end-of-the-week recap will ask you …

  • What I learned about myself, others, and/or the world around me: __________
  • Exercises that I performed this week: __________
  • This week’s healthy eating food choices: __________

There are numerous options available for YOU to ACCESS ways to inject or cultivate an attitude of positivity into your daily routine. They range from books, videos, tapes, retreats, and social media, to participating in retreats and seminars. What’s important is to have a routine that allows you reflective time every day. By utilizing a diary or incorporating journaling, viewing a video, and/or listening to an audio, you are creating a helpful and healthy pattern.

It’s never too late to start anything new! You can ORDER YOUR COPY of this journal from your favorite bookstore. Still unsure? Experience the journal page layout by downloading a sample copy of January from our website author page.


Did You Know?

You can’t smile and frown at the same time!
Nor, can you be positive and negative at the same time.
You have to choose. Choose wisely! Smile and be Positive!


Enjoy and Appreciate YOUR Journey.

You never know.
Your journal could evolve into your legacy book!

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