A mentor is someone who brings wisdom, support, and foresight to the less experienced (or challenged) person to help him or her grow personally and professionally.
A mentee is a person who is counseled by a mentor.
However, the best arrangement is to take a cross-mentoring attitude … learn from each other.

The month of January celebrates Mentors and Mentees. 

I Am a Mentor Day
A day for volunteer mentors to celebrate their role and reflect on the ways mentees have enhanced their world.

International Mentoring Day
A day of conversations and recognitions, where photos, videos, and powerful mentoring stories and messages are shared.

As a mentor for Fresh Start Women’s Foundation, I learned just as much from my mentee as she probably learned from me. This was a one-year commitment; however, the relationship is ongoing. We developed a mutual respect that continues to grow. That’s the real benefit! The relationship does not end; it just keeps developing and growing. There are many ways to mentor! I continue to mentor my Global Protocol Academy trainees with virtual retreats, created an author community for current and prospective authors, and offer encouragement to speaker colleagues … wherever there is a desire and need.

Have you ever been a mentor or mentee? Or perhaps you would like to engage in the process. Keisha Jean-Baptiste, Program Coordinator for Fresh Start Women’s Foundation, shares the following tips:

Five Mentoring Tips:

(1) Begin with your own experiences.

  • Think about what you wish you had known when you were in college.
  • Share your career path.
  • Reflect on the people who mentored you and what you gained from that experience.

(2) Share what you know now

  • Share your failures and triumphs.
  • Model leadership skills.
  • Provide insight and wisdom.
  • Share work ethics and values.

(3) Provide perspective

  • Help your mentee to recognize both her strengths and opportunities for growth.
  • Be candid with your feedback; your perspective could be one that your mentee has never experienced.

(4) Enjoy the benefits of being a mentor

  • Take advantage of the two-way exchange of advice and new perspective.
  • Gain a sense of fulfillment for passing your wisdom on to others.

(5) Know the limits to mentoring

  • Don’t feel you have to know all the answers.
  • Expect some failure, but don’t let this get in the way. Keep trying and things should get on the right track.

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Be a Mentor or Mentee.
It’s a win-win!

Please share your mentor or mentee experience.


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