Mindfulness and Health WatchWhat’s your daily journal ritual? If you don’t have one, start with Mindfulness and Health Watch: Your Weekly “Inspire Me” Journal (2024-2029 edition). Embark on your mindfulness journey with us as we explore seven dimensions of mindfulness. Each day, select one (or more) to focus on, record your fitness accomplishment, and cherish your most gratifying moment. The best time to start is TODAY!

First, let’s grasp the essence of mindfulness. Then, choose your focus and make two or three commitments. Address daily challenges by infusing your day with positivity. Here are some prompts to kickstart your journey:

Mindfulness Focus for Today

Declare an INTENTION:      I commit myself to ____________________

Cultivate GRATITUDE:      I am grateful for ____________________

Recite AFFIRMATIONS:      I am ____________________

Stimulate VISUALIZATION:      I see myself ____________________

Generate KINDNESS:      I extended, received, or observed ____________________

Share WISDOM:      Today, I realized or shared ____________________

Practice SPIRITUALITY/FAITH:      Today I experienced ____________________

Today’s Most Positive or Gratifying Moment: _______________

Health Watch recordLog your fitness and meditative time in the HEALTH Watch box at the day’s end. Tracking progress fuels motivation, and soon, you’ll exceed your expectations, reaping unforeseen benefits. Medical experts say that walking at least 6000 steps daily (or at least 30 minutes) increases blood and oxygen flow to the brain. Great for the memory!

Are you still trying to figure out how to track your mindfulness journey? In the opening section of your journal, guest columnists share their insights on how they used mindfulness to achieve success. Below is an excerpt from their columns. Click on their name to learn more about their works.

Meet the Journal’s Columnist:

Todd Cornell sets the stage for your MINDFULNESS journey with a simple meditative practice in awareness utilizing all six senses.

Todd Cornell on Mindfulness

Ana Melikian, Ph.D., helps you unravel the difference between setting an INTENTION, paying attention, and defining goals. It can be confusing; however, it’s essential to feeling accomplished.

Ana Melikian on Intention


Glenda Lambert offers various ways to express GRATITUDE and truly walks her talk.

Glendale Lambert on Gratitude

Necole Floyd-Turner, JD, shares her initial skepticism, and with a determined mindset, she found a way to use AFFIRMATIONS to achieve her goal of attaining a full-time professorship.

Necole Floyd-Turner on Affirmations


Lon Safko shares his Five Steps of VISUALIZATION, which helped him secure numerous patents, author several books, and master innovative thinking.

Lon Safko on Visualization


Gloria Petersen shares the different ways to bring KINDNESS into your life.

Gloria Petersen on Kindness


Michael Quigley shows you how to share WISDOM and what you can learn from your dog in his “Wisdom is a Dog” poem.

Michael Quigley on Wisdom

Rev. Tina Brown differentiates SPIRITUALITY and FAITH and how to incorporate each into your daily routine by unveiling six transformative steps to integrate these aspects seamlessly into your life.

Tina Brown on Spirituality and Faith


Ready to embark on your journey?

 Choose your starting year (2024-2029), month, and day, and dive in!

Available in English and Spanish

English and Spanish versions of Mindfuless Journal

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