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University of Phoenix, Alumni Association Magazine, Winter 2014

What’s Your CQ? 5 tips for improving your cultural intelligence
by Lori K. Baker

UOP magcoverIf you are an American, it’s easy to forget that so many of our innocent hand gestures—from the encouraging thumbs-up to the hippie-era peace sign—are interpreted as offensive and even vulgar overseas. For example, the A-OK sign is decidedly not OK in Brazil.

Tip #1: Know thyself.
Tip #2: Face the facts.
Tip #3: Talk it over.
Tip #4: Practice your way to perfection.
Tip #5: Hire a coach.

I recently had the privilege of participating in an interview for the University of Phoenix Alumni Association Magazine, Phoenix Focus. My comments are found in “What’s your CQ?” This magazine is chock full of great tips and information. 

Excerpt: “I think people need to realize it is very, very difficult to avoid cultural biases and prejudices. Some were taught to us as children. Others were gained through personal experiences and outside influences, like television and media. The challenge is to develop the ability to put aside those biases or prejudices and learn to communicate with individuals.

More excellent articles:

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Excerpt: “Humans are a pretty young species, compared to other species on Earth, and we traditionally have many of the behaviors that other animals had first.” says Kevin McGraw, Ph.D. Find out where you fall in the wild kingdom when it comes to leadership.

by Lori Baker

This designing alumnus (Lloyd Princeton) has made his mark on both coasts by pairing style seekers with their perfect design match.

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      • 5 Ways to meet your (professional) match

Excerpt: Lloyd Princeton shares his words of wisdom on how to not only have a professional designed, but any consultant whose expertise you might need.

Click here to access the entire Phoenix Focus magazine.


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