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    Global Protocol Academy, LLC
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you offer private sessions?

    Absolutely! They are available in-person or virtually. Personal assessment precedes the appointment with follow-up within two weeks after completion to be sure objectives were met.

    What size of group is too large?

    Depends on what needs to be accomplished. For example, if it is a dining tutorial seminar, we will need to discuss the table setup/seating, menu, and size of room.

    How do you structure your fees?

    Investment is based on your needs and budget. A proposal approach offers investment options and is preferred. Popular structure is a flat fee for a partial day seminar followed by mentoring or coaching one-on-one sessions to fill in the day and maximize value.

    Are your programs the same content for all groups?

    They are customized to meet training objectives and needs of each group. No one program is exactly like another.

    Can we video tape your presentation?

    There is an extra fee and copyright guidelines to consider. If approved, a copy of all photos and videos must be provided to the speaker. Pricing is negotiable.

    Can we buy your visual aids?

    Depends on how they will be used. There is an agreement on usage to be signed.

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    Prefer to provide your own training or keep your training in-house? We have the answer.

    Visit GlobalProtocolAcademy.com for details about
    our (SME) Subject Matter Expert Licensed training.

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