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Welcome to my site, I’m Gloria!

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“It is my hope that I can inspire growth, share creativity, and impart knowledge to YOU with my professional expertise, practical experience, and personal stories of survival journeys. My seminars, workshops, and training are customized to meet YOUR needs. Plus, my books keep the learning tangible. Why share? Because it is fun and rewarding to watch YOU learn what you didn’t know, confirm what you did know, and become more dynamic as a result.”

Gloria celebrates over three decades of success as a professional image, business etiquette, and international protocol expert
along with her ability to encourage resiliency.

Mindfullness & Health Watch: Your 2023 Weekly Journal by Gloria Petersen

Visit the journal’s webpage to get a preview of the seven elements of mindfulness.

I have just completed and published my fifth book. This time it is a weekly Journal and is available on Amazon.com in both soft cover and hard cover. If you journal, I think you will appreciate my approach. I break mindfulness into seven elements. One to focus on for each day of the week. While taking my daily walk, I thought, why not include a health watch? So, I did! If you have not journaled, this journal is a great way to start. Click here for a complimentary version of January or click on the Amazon button below to purchase it online.

Forge ahead in 2023 on a positive journey
Look inside this book at Amazon.com
Available in soft and hard covers

Buy Mindfulness & Health Watch in hard or softcover from Amazon

Be Sure To Check Out My Art Of Professional Connections Book Series

The Art of Professional Connections

Seven Steps to Impressive Greetings and Confident Interactions

Your Guide for Building a Successful Professional Presence!

Buy Mindfulness & Health Watch in hard or softcover from Amazon

The Art of Professional Connections

Event Strategies for Successful Business Entertaining

Energize Your Event and Solidify Your Client Relationships

Buy Mindfulness & Health Watch in hard or softcover from Amazon

The Art of Professional Connections

Success Strategies for Networking in Person and Online

Build Your Networking Skills and Learn to Make Connections

Buy Mindfulness & Health Watch in hard or softcover from Amazon

The Art of Professional Connections

Dining Strategies for Building and Sustaining Business Relationships

Raise Your Comfort Level with Dining Challenges at Any Venue!

Buy Mindfulness & Health Watch in hard or softcover from Amazon

What Are Your Needs or Challenges?

Gloria will inspire you to capitalize on your own talents and gain the knowledge needed to draw people to you for a successful interaction.
Consider the following scenerios:

Just graduated and feeling unprepared for a corporate career?

Gloria will help you meet hiring expectations by knowing the image and interpersonal skills that will transition you from an academic life into a corporate career. Take these skills to in-person job fairs and virtual interactions! You will surely gain your confident edge and be an ASSET for the company that hires you!

Grooming yourself or a protégé for a leadership role?

Gloria will help you and your star performers prepare for leadership roles by knowing how to exude a charismatic presence and develop the influential traits that gain trust, get respect, and build loyalty. There are many components to this process, and they begin your visual presence and unyielding professionalism.

Do You Feel Knocked down? 

Gloria can help you get back up by uncovering the She-ro or He-ro in you! Turn a setback into an opportunity and in the process become a stronger, more dynamic individual. We all have what it takes! It’s called GRIT! Don’t allow a tragedy or a life change to set you back. Gloria can guide you because she has done it!

Gloria’s Seminars will
Increase YOUR Social Intelligence!

The higher one’s career aspiration, the more important interpersonal skills become. Gloria’s seminars and training will help you build the solid foundation and framework that every company should develop in their new hires. As a result, you will build better domestic and international business relationships, develop a greater understanding of communication styles, and learn how to handle tough situations with confidence and control.

Let’s CUSTOMIZE a program that fits YOUR NEEDS!
Visit Gloria’s Seminar Page and client Photo Gallery for ideas.
Schedule a Complimentary Consul to discuss possibilities.

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Tip #1: “Let’s Talk Small Talk”

“Love the content and how you explain the different ways and steps to ‘make’ conversations. Really good!” …Glenda Lambert, Professor

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