The Global Women’s Peace Network (GWPN) was founded by Dr. Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon on July 16, 2012 at the Cheongshim Peace World Center in Seoul, Korea. The GWPN brings together leaders, organizations, and governments to solve pressing social issues and secure an environment for equitable human development. Through peace leadership based on the Feminine aspect of human nature, women who support and belong to GWPN seek to ensure lasting peace and prosperity for generations to come. May 20, 2017 was  the inauguration of Arizona’s chapter of the Global Women Peace Network in Tempe, AZ. The theme for this event was: “Igniting a Culture of Heart from the Local to the Global”.  The Western Region was defined and launched in March 2019 in Los Angeles, CA, Women as the Turning Point for Peace.




Women’s empowerment and education are powerful engines for peace and development as they transform both economies and human lives. They broaden people’s and in particular women’s freedom of choice and action, empower them to participate in public, economic, and social lives of their societies and equip them with the skills they need to develop their livelihoods. Areas of impact: Women’s leadership, Family, Environment, and Education. The Women’s Federation for World Peace Arizona (WFWP) Chapter launched Global Women’s Peace Network (GWPN) in 2017.) 

Women’s Federation for World Peace (WFWP) USA | President: Angelika Selle

WFWP Committee Members: Kim M. Evans | Glenda Lambert | Reverend Dr. Linda Nishikawa | Rhia Nkulu | Frankie Mae Richards | Reverend Margaret Polloi-Sisserson | Dr. Susan Taffer


I continue to support and praise Dr. Susan Taffer for her continued good works. Previously, I spotlighted Dr. Taffer for her work in creating the World Connections Foundation. That initiative has evolved into a joint effort to bring together and recognize women from all walks of life and professions with a mission to unite! I am proud to be a part of this effort and journey!

My first introduction to GWPN was at a luncheon in February 2020. We were all inspired by the magnitude of the women in attendance. Plus, we were gifted with a beautiful hardcover 2020 Gratitude Diary as we left, which was donated by the author, Melanie Spears (  With inspiration, I have since posted my gratitude every day! While  meeting in-person is not an option during pandemic times, we are currently organizing a Virtual Power Tea to keep us all connected and striving forward with this mission.  —Gloria Petersen


GWPN-AZ Fall 2020 Magazine Cover


Award Throughout history we have heard much about ‘his story,’ which means there is still so much of ‘her story’ yet to be told. To unearth these incredible stories, WFWP USA recognizes and honors women for their outstanding accomplishments in various fields of endeavor, in the form of a HerStory Award. Each HerStory recipient has been selected for her courage, compassion, and commitment to using her gifts and talents to uplift others, despite often overwhelming challenges. This award encourages all women to know that by sustaining relationships, you have influence and already are a leader. And when that influence is used to uplift and bring people together, we have the ability to accomplish extraordinary things. This is a tribute to all the women around the world who are not just leaders, but peace leaders that are “Living by the Logic of Love.”

GWPN in Arizona “Fall 2020 HerStories” Award Recipients include:

Deborah Acosta | Myrna Atha | Jolene Baney | Shatha Barbour | Susan Berman | Lynda Bishop | Dr. Eileen Borris | Reverend Tina Brown | Laura C. Bulluck |  Kim Evans | Pat Gillium | Dr. Marilynn Henley | Julie Jones | Jodi Floyd-Jones | Vice Mayor Lauren Kuby | Jane Kwa | Ethel Luzario | Esther Michaels | Anne Butler Montgomery | Karianne Munstedt | Glenda Nieman | Gloria Petersen | Frankie Mae Richards | Debra S. Robinson | Holly Rose | Dr. Tamara Rounds | Angelika Selle | Carla J. Snyder | Dr. Susan Taffer | Dr. Cindi Thiede | Kenyatta Turner | Dr. Linda Groomes Walton | Jaclyn Zoccoli


Want to learn more, visit
Women’s Federation for World Peace website.

Want to get involved and/or want a copy of the
“HerStories Fall 2020” publication with photos and bios contact
Dr. Susan Taffer.


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