Coach & Mentor

Do you need a coach or a mentor …
or perhaps both?

Feel stuck and not sure which way to turn? You have great potential, but perhaps you are not sure how to tap into it. Or maybe there have been just too many diversions or distractions that keep you off track.

Do you spend more time communicating with your device than with people? If meeting new people feels awkward and you tend to second guess yourself (or escape to your devices), it’s time to sharpen your interpersonal skills and enjoy in-person connecting!

Perhaps you need a coach or a mentor,
but not sure which direction you should take.

Let’s talk about it!

Portrait photo of Gloria Petersen

As your coach, Gloria will provide guidance by helping you reach your full potential. She starts by addressing your image and interpersonal skills to be sure they are sending the intended message. Then advances to your personal and professional goals. She has the life skills and resources to help get you there!

As your mentor, Gloria will offer support and grow your confidence with the right attitude, determination, and knowledge. Gloria’s attitude: When you feel knocked down, get back up, then reroute your direction!

Gloria will inspire you to embrace and develop your own confident sense of self and be a catalyst for positive change in so many ways.

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ourGen Mentor Team!

“I am proud to join ourGen as a mentor in their effort to transform students into the next wave of standout professionals”.

ourGen’s Vision Statement:

A degree isn’t going to cut it nowadays and employers are prioritizing soft skills and etiquette over knowledge and theory. ourGen helps students develop to become stand out professionals by providing mentoring groups, employability content, and a global network for you to access.

Thanks to ourGen’s content and resources, I was able to secure my job at Goldman Sachs, without having any prior work experience. —Theo Berryer, April 2022, Finance Student at University of Manchester

To learn more about ourGen, visit their website at

Mark Your Calendar

    • January is National Mentoring Month
    • January 17 is International Mentoring Day
    • October 27 is National Mentor Day

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