The Art of Professional Connections

Art of Professional Connections Book Series

The Art of Professional Connections is Gloria Petersen’s four-book series focused on business communication strategies and skills. This “must-have” series taps into the expertise of corporate executives and industry experts to ensure that business leaders receive the best available information. Most important, it helps them prepare and create the right conditions for solidifying relationships with clients, customers, prospects, and employees.

Each chapter of each title begins with objectives and closes with a review quiz. Each index lets you find what you need to know FAST. You will find tips, examples, and personal stories throughout to support each key point, making the learning easy!

Regard this series as your perfect curriculum companion and career resource guide.

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AOPC.Seven Steps

Seven Steps to Impressive Greetings and Confident Interactions…

is a guide to establishing and managing relationships by acquiring the presence and developing the interpersonal skills needed to advance in any business environment. This title focuses on approaching with a powerful presence and engaging conversation skills as you meet, greet, and interact with people in a professional and confidence-inspiring manner. First and lasting impressions begin here!

A fantastic read – The Art of Professional Connections is constructive and to the point. Gloria has managed to capture the essence of “personal conversation in prose,” which is so natural and flowing that you feel she is speaking directly to you. In seven very easy steps you learn that “You are your business!” and how to successfully project yourself so that everyone else knows it too.

…Maryanne Weiss
President of Gustare Ltd.

Michael Quigley’s Kataholos podcast episode … How can your success help others? Who will you be sharing your success with? … describes “Seven Steps to Impressive Greetings and Confident Interactions” as brilliant!

Food for the Journey Podcast

Success Strategies for Networking In-Person and Online…

identifies a wide range of mingling and networking options. It addresses your in-person interactions and presents strategies for success. It also emphasizes the importance of building your online presence with care and protecting your reputation. It is strongly recommended that you use this book as a preparation tool for ensuring successful interactions at networking events.

No more excuses! Learn what top business leaders know and use every day. Follow the path that is straightforward to bring key influencers and business contacts into your life through positive impactful networking. Ms. Petersen wants everyone to be a winner, and she gives you the tools to achieve success. The author’s style is one of openness, sharing personal stories, and practical steps that are invaluable and easy to incorporate. She is clear on what kind of personal exchanges work and what kind do harm to one’s status. Everyone from seasoned business execs to college graduates need this book to set themselves apart and shine!

…Christine Jurich
Corporate Recruiter


Dining Strategies for Building and Sustaining Business Relationships…

takes you step-by-step through the details of a successful business meal from a simple coffee meeting to elaborate celebration meal. It addresses orchestrating and managing logistics, showcasing manners, and handling mishaps. The book also provides tips on everything from arranging a meal meeting and strategic seating arrangements to wine pairings, the ritual of toasting, and global dining. Use this book as a preparation tool for ensuring a successful business meal meeting, whether casual or formal.

Dining Strategies is a road map for the often-intimidating world of business entertaining. The book succeeds at empowering readers to conduct themselves knowledgeably in various business situations. The topics covered in the book are essential elements of the professional world and require continuous polishing and practice. 

…Carla Edelston
Senior Associate Director
Career Management Center
Kellogg School of Management
Northwestern University


Event Strategies for Successful Business Entertaining…

addresses the basics of organizing business events—everything from cultural events and sporting activities to conferences and trade shows. You will learn what you need to know about “staging, hosting, and participating” at these events. It provides a step-by-step guide from the initial planning stages to the last and most important step afterward, the debriefing. It provides strategies and tips to put you at ease whether you are the host or guest, a participant or merely a spectator.

Event Strategies for Successful Business Entertaining is packed with advice and resources for anyone appointed with the unexpected task of planning an event. It is a guide for putting together a meeting or event that provides insights on everything from hiring the caterers to hiring the speaker. Reading this book gives you a point of reference and leaves you free to create an event with your own special touch. Plus, you will feel more informed when dealing with meeting professionals and bureaus.

…Rob Carsello
Lecture Agent and President
Speaker Resource Center

Art of Professional Connections Book Series

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