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Gloria’s legacy of books,training modules, and other materials inspire current and future business leaders to better understand what it takes to be “professional.” This must-have series of guidebooks serve as valued resources for companies to generate a positive image in the marketplace and for individuals to develop superior personal and professional leadership skills.
For details on her current professional development book series, The Art of Professional Connections, visit
Gloria’s published works also include articles and blogs. She serves as a contributing columnist for a wide range of magazines, newspapers, and corporate newsletters. Currently, she is a contributing columnist for Success Profiles Magazine.

She also shows support for other authors with her commitment to creating author communities. The purpose of the author community to is both support current authors and inspire new authors by having authors share their inspiration, tips, and techniques.

Gloria is currently working on a series of books that focus on turning obstacles into opportunities, how to bounce back from setbacks, and staying grateful along the way. Only then can you truly achieve your goals and help others along the way.

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“Coming up with a unique title to a book about overcoming obstacles and rebuilding confidence has been a tough challenge. Although I’m not good at meditating (my restless nature demands a quick answer), I had to meditate on it to let ideas bubble up. However, I have learned how those moments can take me away from distractions to a place of calm and creativity.  That’s when I found it!

This book conveys an all-encompassing life skill in the form of your unique power. This skill can be applied by everyone—a gift that must be unlocked to use.  In this book, you’ll discover the wit of your own wisdom and determine ways to turn challenges into opportunities. You’ll also see how to use your grit power to walk through life’s journey more confidently, even more happily.”

Mindfulness & Health Watch
Your Weekly Inspire Me Journal
This edition allows you to select your journal year or time frame: 2024 to 2029

“When I was introduced to my first Gratitude Book by Melanie Spears at a Global Women’s Peace Network luncheon, I was hooked—and shared my experience in my blog. I added gratitude to my morning wake-up ritual. Since then, I have reworked the pages to fit my needs. (I even rework recipes!)

It’s all about overcoming challenges by working on my mindset and being grateful.  My approach utilizes seven reflections to match seven days a week with a glossary that inspires ideas.”



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