Knowledge Blogs and Fun Stuff to Know (Tips). Variety is the “spice of life,” and so are our blogs. I invite you to enjoy a path to self-reflection, career enhancement, and timely knowledge.

Aspire to Inspire

Mindfulness and positivity are prerequisites to personal and professional success! That’s why I have decided on a blog page that encourages you to “Aspire to Inspire.” Select a topic (or topics) that appeals to you and share your thoughts, experience, or wisdom.

We have all had unique experiences, troubling times, and soul-searching moments. How we channel and use those moments to improve ourselves builds character. Only then can we truly help and inspire others! These blogs are meant to inspire reflection, offer inspiration, and encourage self-improvement. New skills (or learning) work best when you have taken care of YOU! I encourage you to join this journey with me by sharing YOUR experiences.

Image, Etiquette, and Protocol: Your Keys to Professionalism

Knowing how to present yourself and manage any given situation with confidence is empowering! These are tools that serve as your foundation and framework:
Image projects who you are through your appearance and body language.
Etiquette is a code of conduct that exemplifies consideration, respect, and harmony.
Protocol is a prescribed set of rules that guides your actions by removing distractions.

This blog page shares insights and knowledge covering professional image, business etiquette, and protocol.

Magazine Articles (Columnist)

I have been a guest columnist for various print and online magazines throughout the decades. Success Profiles Magazine and Las Vegas AGENT Magazine articles are posted with links in this column. I am proud to be in the company of amazing influencers and thought leaders.

Additional magazines have included Redbook Magazine, Vision Magazine/C&K Magazine, Chicago Restaurant Magazine, Professional Speakers Magazine, FEDA News and Views Magazine, Training Today Magazine, Prerogative Magazine for Women, Chicago Tribune Magazine, Venture Woman Magazine, Experience Magazine, Chicago Magazine, etc.

Take a Career Journey

When asked, “How did you get into this business?” My response is: “I evolved into it.” Sometimes, it is not what you plan to do with your life but what life presents you.

Sharing my journey is meant to help you understand how that works. Something might be untapped within you or a sign that you are ignoring. Don’t ignore it!

Explore possibilities, assess what feels natural, and take action!

Philanthropy Spotlight

“In the Spotlight” is my philanthropy column. This column highlights an organization or company’s good works and offers support by increasing visibility for their efforts domestically and worldwide. It is always rewarding to get involved and share that experience. There are unlimited organizations. Select the right ones for you and get involved.

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