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Gloria Petersen is a sought-after speaker for media and panel discussions. Since the beginning of her career, Gloria has been featured in world-wide newspaper articles (e.g., The Times of London) and continues to be a go-to-person for newspaper, television, radio, podcast, webinars as well as a guest columnist for print and virtual business magazines coast to coast.

Print Media

Gloria has a long history of interviews with newspaper, magazines, and trade publications.

In the initial stages of the image, etiquette, and protocol industry (1980s), she was one of a few — a true innovator — who pushed forward and ran on her instincts even when told “image and manners will never sell because people should already know this”. She made it her mission to prove them wrong and make a positive difference by offering programs that developed a stronger sense-of-self, instilled confidence, and encouraged a just do it attitude to all who read her advice or attended her programs.

She contributed to the industry’s growth because she stayed and made herself available on a moment’s notice; therefore, creating even more visibility for this emerging industry! Each interview encourages her to dig deeper by researching and reflecting so she can continue to offer the best advice.

A Sampling of Podcast Interviews

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How can your success help others? Who will you be sharing your success with?

Podcast includes … “Several book recommendations to help you to understand people more, through the topics of love, religion, compassion and a brilliant book by Gloria Petersen on communication”

Kataholos Michael Quigley

Gloria Petersen - The Worldly Marketer Podcast

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 #180: Understanding the Role of Etiquette and Protocol in International Business

The Worldly Marketer Podcast (TWM) — Kathrin Bussmann

Gloria Petersen Careercast Podcast Interview

“How to Unpack the Fear of Connecting”

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University of Chicago Booth School of Business — Anita Brick, Director of Career Advancement

Watch for Gloria’s Podcast Show … Coming soon

Proud Highpoints of
Gloria’s Media Archive

Gloria is an innovator! Career highlights include scripting, hosting, and directing her own television series, “Image of Success,” on FOX network with no previous television experience. How she sold the show idea to FOX and created the script is another story!

This was a 30-minute 13-week episode on Saturdays at 11:30 CST, which was cataloged in the 1986 TV Guide. It was a reality show before we had reality shows! A local executive search firm volunteered a staff member and a client for the makeover process. The transformation of their images resulted in the gentleman receiving a job offer by the 12th episode, and the woman was promoted to a management position within the search firm staff.

The series had ratings high enough to offer another season. However, the new slot was early Sunday mornings, which her sponsors felt was not be a favorable time slot, so Gloria selected to conclude the series. The experience was invaluable, and the series was recorded by local career aid agencies as an addendum to their training! It was a rewarding proud time!

Additional Highpoints of her network television appearances include:

  • She served as an etiquette judge on The Learning Channel’s reality television show, “Faking It,” (a segment was featured on The Oprah Show).
  • CNBC’s “The Power Lunch,” plus, FOX News, ABC News, CBS News, NBC News.
  • She served as an etiquette instructor for Common Threads (program for underprivileged children), which was televised on The Today Show.

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Gloria’s Special Recognition as
“Encouragizer of the Year” by
The Encouragement Institute, Inc.

Have FUN with one of
Gloria’s favorite television interviews:

“Master Male Manners: Social Graces for the Chicago Bulls’ Matadors”

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ENTERTAINING views of archived television news interviews

Gloria’s print media ranges from domestic and international newspapers to magazines and trade publications.

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