Gloria takes feedback seriously!
It helps her fine tune every speaking or training opportunity as it validates her content and delivery. Plus, feedback offers new ideas for her to investigate.

A Sampling of Client Feedback and
Participant Reaction

“I co-facilitate a round table for senior financial executives. Finding interesting and useful topics can be a challenge with this particular group as they already have broad backgrounds and deep experiences from their lengthy careers. Gloria presented a very rich and thought-provoking workshop on the importance of professional appearance, etiquette, the art of introductions, networking, and reminded us of the use of basic good manners. Gloria’s style is very engaging, interactive, humorous and was well received by the group. Many that provided feedback were very thankful and appreciated the importance Gloria places on paying attention to details around social conduct and graces.”

Gina Curtis, VP, Client Services, Right Management

“It was true a pleasure working with Gloria Petersen for Northeastern Illinois University’s 21st Annual Business Etiquette Dinner and Seminar. Gloria’s topics of discussion were very insightful, and her presence was one filled with energy and enthusiasm. Her delivery of the content was engaging, and the interactive program facilitated interaction among the attendees. This was a fun and educational event for all!

It is obvious that Gloria cares about the professional execution of the event, as no detail was overlooked. She acted as a liaison between the Marketing Club and the venue to help prepare the menu and maximize the effectiveness of the program. Prior to the event, she arrived at the venue a day early to work with the event director and staff to ensure that the timing of the food service corresponded with the presentation. If you are looking for a speaker to educate or refresh your organizational members on proper business etiquette, I would highly recommend Gloria Petersen.”

Nikki Ashmore & Team, President of the Marketing Club at Northeastern Illinois University

I wanted to share with you how your training is still such a vital part of who I am and what I do today, over a decade after I first attended one of your Finishing Course for Executives programs.

In my role at work, I provide oversight on products that my team of analysts produce. We do a lot of thinking, debating, analyzing, and discussing tough problems. One of the products we are currently working on is all about strategy and priorities — a very subjective matter that has required extensive discussions. There are several people involved in these discussions, and we met together recently for a six+-hour brainstorming session to work out how all of these very complex, moving pieces fit together.

I suggested we use the brainstorming technique I learned from you previously of writing every single idea on post-it notes, then moving things around as the best order emerged through our discussions. We ended up with dozens of post-it notes all over the whole wall (we even took the pictures down for more room) and by the end of the day, we had narrowed things down to a solid layout that captured our conclusions.

It was a new technique for my teammates, who described it as “genius” and “brilliant”. My fellow Senior Analyst (who is an incredibly smart person with a PhD) told me, “That technique was a lifesaver. We could not have done that today without it.” So, I wanted to pass on the kudos I received to share with you a piece of the epilogue to one of your training chapters.

I have used so much of what I learned from you in every facet of my life and am eternally grateful for your influence in my life. Thank you for the wonderfully talented woman you are, and for sharing those talents with me.”

Meredith Shake, Middle East Specialist, United States Department of Defense

“Thank you for contributing to the success of the FEWA Annual Conference with your excellent presentation. I was very impressed by your approach to certain aspects of networking, and a number of attendees mentioned how much they appreciated your insights. I look forward to connecting with you in the near future”

Brad Taft, Forensic Expert Witness (FEWA) Conference

Gloria’s testimonials and endorsements will give you a full view of her approach and effect.

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