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Gloria Petersen, CPP, has dedicated over four decades to her work and passion. During this time, she founded Global Protocol Academy. Previously, she spent sixteen years in civic and corporate roles developing her professional presence, business etiquette and international protocol experience.

After her stint in the corporate world, she received the industry-related training and certification needed to develop her entrepreneurial vision. These experiences gave her the groundwork needed to develop her company, Global Protocol Academy, LLC.

Gloria continues to train extensively in the image, etiquette, and protocol fields. She adds her own experience as a survivor to this mix to help you overcome the unexpected. She continually adapts her programs to each new wave of technical and social change through her seminars, training, and authorship.

History & Training

Gloria received her Certificate of Attainment from The Protocol School of Washington® and The Professional Image Institute, followed by extensive training from Dale Carnegie and Associates and The Leadership Institute.

Credentialed as a CPP (Certified Protocol Professional), Gloria continues to focus on keeping her knowledge current by conducting surveys, attending frequent symposiums, and monitoring the business climate for emerging issues. You can read more about Gloria’s career beginnings and transitions in her blog, “Career Journey written in a way to inspire you to take your idea and go for it!

What Gloria Will Do for You

Gloria is a multidimensional expert who has touched many lives over the years. Through her talks, presentations, coaching, and training programs, thousands have unearthed the secret to projecting personal power, charisma, and poise in their business and personal lives. She has created a collection of programs and speeches that have and will continue to inspire people to see life’s obstacles as opportunities to grow and emerge stronger, smarter, and more determined than ever to live life to the fullest.

Gloria is dedicated and committed to give every organization and individual the very best. She realizes that every need is different and finds the process of customizing and tailoring her programs a rewarding win for everyone. Her strategy is to impact each participant by engaging them in the learning process. This ensures results from her programs and how she continues to grow herself.

For example:
Learn impressive dining etiquette from the comprehensive execution of an amazing meal meeting experience. This involves working with your caterer or the restaurant staff to make sure the seminar addresses all aspects of meeting with clients or staff over meals—from coordinating the tablescape and seating arrangement to wine selection and toasting protocol. If needed, Gloria will engage the expertise of others (e.g., a sommelier) to make the experience memorable.

Gain from Gloria’s life as a persevering entrepreneur, exemplary survivor, dedicated mother and grandmother, and giving volunteer. She uses her real-life occurrences to enliven her seminars and make her points unforgettable. Then records these experiences into her books and articles to keep her knowledge viable and transferable. It’s how she approaches every aspect of her work. She emphasizes the importance of getting beyond personal and/or professional challenges to stay in control because she has done it!

For example:
Gloria can help you discover YOUR GRIT! Not even an injury setback has stopped her from inspiring others. She presented one of her university dining seminars in a leg brace with crutches because it was important to her to fulfill a commitment, and to inspire the students.

Gloria didn’t discover her grit until a senseless act of violence almost cost her the use of her leg. Although the prognosis was to have a limp for the rest of her life, she was determined that was not going to happen. Beating the odds, she loves helping individuals discover their grit. Everyone has grit! Sometimes you just must dig deeper to find it! That’s how you move forward!

You are the best-organized person I know in this world!  I think you know how much I admire what you are doing. I am a fan! 
…Letitia Baldrige, Author & Etiquette/Protocol Historian

Gloria’s client list ranges from
universities and associations to
corporate entities and entrepreneurs.

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