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I’m Gloria Petersen, and I am deeply passionate about guiding individuals and organizations in mastering the art of image, etiquette, protocol skills, and mindfulness management. This journey is not just my career; it’s my calling.

My Journey and Expertise

After leaving the corporate world, I embarked on a continuous learning journey, initially leading to a career in the seminar and training industries.

My programs adapt to every new wave of technical and social change, proving their effectiveness and relevance. This adaptability is evident in my seminars, training, and authorship and is further enriched by my experience as a survivor.

I’m here to help you overcome the unexpected. A few name changes along the way eventually led to the founding of Global Protocol Academy, LLC. 

The Power of Color

Color can inspire, energize, and instill a sense of calm; it reflects our individuality

My history includes color analysis and psychology. Never underestimate the power of color; it guides your choices. I hope the site’s background colors add visual enjoyment to your visit.


Career Journey Blog

Visit my “Career Journey” blog for inspiration! It urges you to seize your ideas and transform them into reality. Start by identifying your strengths. Begin there.

Next, identify your passion and pursue it with determination. Fulfillment comes from setting intentions and reaching goals.


Professional Background and Training

I hold a Certificate of Attainment from The Protocol School of Washington® and The Professional Image Institute (now renamed Bixler Consulting Group) and comprehensive training from Dale Carnegie and Associates and The Leadership Institute.

This strong foundation has been crucial in building my company.

To ensure my professional competence, I stay updated through industry-related continued education, attending conferences, and monitoring the business climate for emerging issues.

How I Can Help You

As a multidimensional expert, I have impacted many lives through speaking engagements, coaching, and SME (Subject Matter Expert) training programs.

My programs and speeches help thousands discover the secrets to projecting personal power, charisma, and poise in their business and personal lives.


I customize my programs to meet your needs, ensuring impactful learning and continuous growth.

For example, you can learn impressive dining etiquette through a comprehensive meal-meeting experience. Working with caterers or restaurant staff, we will address all aspects of meeting with clients or staff over meals—from coordinating the tablescape and seating arrangement to wine selection and toasting protocol.

If needed, I will engage the expertise of others, such as the maitre d’, chef, and sommelier, to make the experience memorable and beneficial.


Personal and Professional Resilience

My life as a persevering entrepreneur, exemplary survivor, dedicated mother and grandmother, and giving volunteer enriches my seminars and makes all points unforgettable. I record these experiences in my books and articles to keep my knowledge viable and transferable.

For example:

I didn’t discover the true nature of my grit until a senseless act of violence almost cost me the use of my leg. Although the prognosis was to have a limp for the rest of my life and use crutches, I was determined that was not going to happen. Beating the odds,

I love helping individuals discover their grit. I do not limp today and have healed beyond expectations in just a few months! I learned how the mindset (e.g., attitude) is critical in healing.


Everyone has grit!
Sometimes, you must dig deeper to find it! That’s how you move forward!
I’m dedicated to helping you find your grit with the release of my next book.
In the meantime, journal how you want your life to evolve!

TWC Puerto Rico 2023

My Passion to Inspire

With my professional expertise, practical experience, and personal stories of survival journeys, I hope to inspire growth, share creativity, and impart knowledge. My seminars, workshops, and training are customized to meet your needs, and my books keep the learning tangible.

Why share my experiences and knowledge?

Watching you learn what you didn’t know, confirm what you do know, and become more dynamic is fun and rewarding. My blogs and articles are my gift of knowledge and inspiration.

Discover your grit!
With the proper knowledge and mindset
You can achieve anything.

“You are the best-organized person I know in this world!  I think you know how much I admire what you are doing. I am a fan!”

Letitia Baldrige
Author and
Etiquette/Protocol Historian

Gloria’s client list ranges from
universities and associations to
corporate entities and entrepreneurs.

Click here for Gloria’s Client History

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