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Explore Gloria’s comprehensive offerings and discover her extensive history of delivering inspirational keynotes, professional development seminars, impactful workshops, and Subject Matter Expert (SME) training that ignites growth, creativity, and knowledge.

Gloria Celebrates Over Three Decades of Success as a
Professional Image, Business Etiquette, and
International Protocol Expert.

Enhance Your Career with
Commanding Interpersonal Skills

The higher your career aspirations, the more vital your interpersonal skills become.

Gloria’s professional development seminars and SME training programs help you build a solid interpersonal foundation essential for corporate interns, new hires, management teams, and trainers. You will gain better domestic and international business relationships, understand diverse communication styles, and confidently handle challenging situations.

Overcoming challenges

Tailored Solutions for Your
Needs and Challenges

Success is accomplished by harnessing your talents and acquiring the knowledge needed for successful interactions based on your specific needs or challenges.

Do any of the following scenarios fit your needs?

Transitioning from Academia to
Corporate Success

Do your students feel prepared to pursue their career choices?
This empowering seminar will equip your students with the essential image and interpersonal skills to transition seamlessly from academic life to a corporate career.

This seminar will help your students meet hiring expectations, present themselves effectively at job fairs, and excel in virtual interactions.

Preparing  for

Enhance Career with Interpersonal Skills

Do you feel adequately prepared for a leadership role?
This dynamic seminar will guide you and your standout performers toward leadership success. Cultivate a charismatic presence, develop influential traits, and inspire trust and loyalty.

Master your visual presence and embody unwavering professionalism for leadership excellence. Be the example to follow!

Rise Stronger:
Unleashing Your
Inner Hero

Are you feeling knocked down? Time to get back up!
How? Let’s uncover your inner hero!

Transform setbacks into opportunities and emerge as a stronger, more resilient individual.

Acquire the guidance and tools needed to tap into your inner grit and overcome any challenge, drawing from your experiences.

Gloria Petersen’s Published Books

“Mindfulness and Health Watch”
Your Weekly Inspire Me Journal”

Mindfulness & Health Watch Book Cover

Introducing the
Seven Elements of Mindfulness

Embark on self-discovery and personal growth with theMindfulness and Health Watch’ journal. Each page invites you to unlock your full potential through mindfulness and health habits.

Whether new to journaling or a seasoned practitioner, this journal will be your companion in self-improvement and fulfillment. Available in English and Spanish.

  Visit the journal’s webpage
to get a preview of the


“The Art of Professional Connections”
Professional Development Four-Book Series

Seven Steps to Impressive Greetings & Confident Interactions Book Cover

Master professional presence, greetings, name exchanges, handshakes, conversation skills, business card protocol, and follow-ups for impressive interactions.

Buy Mindfulness & Health Watch in hard or softcover from Amazon

Success Strategies for Networking in Person and Online Book Cover

Explore diverse mix-and-mingle techniques and online networking strategies to enhance your career and ensure successful professional connections.

Buy Mindfulness & Health Watch in hard or softcover from Amazon

Dining Strategies for Building and Sustaining Business Relationships Book Cover

Navigate business meals with ease. Learn table settings, strategic seating, wine pairings, toasting, and how to handle dining mishaps confidently.

Buy Mindfulness & Health Watch in hard or softcover from Amazon

Event Strategies for Successful Business Entertaining Book Cover

Plan and execute business entertaining events. From cultural and sporting events to conferences and trade shows, understand your role as a host, guest, or participant.

Buy Mindfulness & Health Watch in hard or softcover from Amazon

Elevate Your Business Relationships

Successful relationships are built on initial impressions, continued interactions, and the care and feeding of connections.

Build long-lasting relationships with competence by exuding high standards, displaying a commanding professional presence, and demonstrating exemplary business-building people skills.

The four-book “The Art of Professional Connections” series covers every facet of developing professional and personal connections in various scenarios.

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